Financial Information

Embarking on a medical degree course involves careful financial planning, as you will need to take into account a variety of factors when assessing how to cover study and living costs. The following are the current tuition and other fees:

Tuition and Fees

Annual tuition at the St George’s programme in Nicosia is €30,000 for all students, whether local, EU, or international (non-EU). Your annual tuition includes registration, tuition, examination and graduation charges and is payable in respect of each year of your degree programme.

In addition to tuition, the following fees also apply:

Application fee (one-off/non refundable payment) 60 60
Entry visa fee (one-off/non refundable payment) 90
Annual health insurance fee 180
Annual malpractice insurance fee (T Year) 300 300
Annual malpractice insurance fee (from Years P-F, pending clinical site) 500-1250 500-1250
Annual personal accident insurance fee 50 50
International student guarantee (one-off/refundable payment) 400
Annual learning resources fee 100 100
Annual USMLE resources fee (Years 1-2) – Optional 285 285

*Please note that the above fees may be subject to change.

Living Costs

These will, of course, depend on your lifestyle. But on average, staying in Nicosia for the whole year will cost a minimum of €10,000.


Financial Need-Based Scholarships

UNIC Medical School has established a scholarship fund that is designed to assist students in partially funding their studies. These scholarships can cover up to 30% of tuition costs per year.

An applicant must first meet our admissions requirements, successfully complete the interview, and be offered a place, before they can apply for such a scholarship. If you are considering to apply, please review your offer letter for relevant deadlines to ensure you apply in a timely manner, to be considered for a scholarship.

Academic Scholarships

Five scholarships are offered each year to students entering the St George’s, University of London medical programme at the University of Nicosia in recognition of their academic excellence.  Students selected for these awards are granted a 30% reduction in tuition for the full four years of their medical studies regardless of financial need.

Academic scholarships are open to candidates who have 3.7 GPA (or 3.5 GPA for Canadians), a First Class Honours degree or equivalent, as well as an overall 505 on the MCAT (28 in the former MCAT format) or an overall 60 on the GAMSAT.

Candidates who are eligible for these scholarships will be invited to apply after they receive an offer of admission by submitting a personal essay.

Please note that students who are awarded a scholarship based on academic excellence are not permitted to apply for a financial need-based award.

Other Financial Assistance

US Students

The St George’s, University of London Medical Programme at the University of Nicosia is approved for Sallie Mae® loans. This means US citizens and permanent residents accepted into our school are able to borrow money from the leading provider of education loans in the United States to cover tuition, fees, and living expenses for our programme.

Specifically, our students are eligible for a Smart Option Loan, which offers several benefits including three repayment options:

  • Interest Repayment Option: Full interest payments while in school. Students will build credit and avoid interest capitalization
  • Fixed Repayment Option: Students pay just $25 a month while in school to build credit and manage their budget
  • Deferred Repayment Option: No minimum payments required until after school. Students are encouraged to make small payments when possible

More information about Sallie Mae’s Smart Option loan is available here

Once eligible students who have accepted a place in our programme, they can apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Option loan online by going to this link and clicking on Get Started. This opens an application form that is customised for students accepted by St George’s, University of London.

Canadian Students

Canadian students at the St George’s, University of London Medical Programme at the University of Nicosia are eligible for Canada Student Loans Program funding; you can apply for assistance through your provincial or territorial student financial aid authority.

Canadian students are also able to apply for the Medical Student Line of Credit at BMO Bank of Montreal. To be eligible, you must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and meet BMO’s usual credit criteria. An acceptable co-signer residing in Canada permanently with sufficient Canadian-based income and/or assets will also be required. The terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time without notice. Interested Canadian students should visit or contact a BMO Lending Specialist directly at 1-800-665-9665.

Israeli Students

Israeli citizens can benefit from a special scholarship offered in cooperation with the Sheba Medical Center and Tel Aviv University.  Please contact our Admissions Office for details.

Swedish Students

Our programme has been evaluated and approved for study support from the CSN/Swedish Board for Study Support, provided that individual students also meet other requirements. Please see for further details.

UK students

UK students on the St George’s, University of London programme at the University of Nicosia are not eligible to receive funding from either Student Finance England or NHS Bursaries.

Other Countries

Students from other countries may be eligible for grants, loans or other financial assistance from their home governments. Our Admissions Office can help you explore these options for offsetting the costs of studying at our medical programme.