The ‘Panos Englezos Prize’

To be awarded to individual(s) with an outstanding contribution to the field of haemoglobinopathies

The University of Nicosia Medical School and the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) will jointly award, on a biannual basis, the ‘Panos Englezos Prize’, to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in:

1.the areas of public health relevant to haemoglobin disorders and/or

2.the improvement of medical and other care of patients with haemoglobin disorders and/or

3.the improvement of the quality of life of patients with haemoglobin disorders or other chronic/ genetic diseases and/or

4.has made a scientific/medical advancement in the prevention or management of any other disease that could be applied to a make a difference in the prevention and/or management or holistic care or cure of haemoglobin disorders.

The Prize is initiated in 2016 through a decision of the Board of Directors of TIF in honour and recognition of the vast, lifelong and voluntary contribution of Mr Panos Englezos, parent of a thalassaemic son. The promotion and securement of the rights of patients with thalassaemia globally for equal access to quality health and other care, has been his lifetime commitment. A commitment across religious, cultural, social, gender and language barriers.

The winner will receive The Prize, consisting of a silver drop of blood (TIF’s logo) and a monetary award of $10,000, which will be awarded at the graduation ceremony of the Medical School of the University of Nicosia in May 2016. The selection of the winning candidate will be the responsibility of the University of Nicosia Medical School through its 5 member Selection Committee following the closure of nominations.

Opening date: 1st December 2015

Closing date: 20th February 2016

Receipt of Award: 6th May 2016, Medical School Graduation Ceremony.

Nomination Process

1.Nominations are invited by:

     *An individual (one or more jointly) with a medical/scientific/academic capacity and of international recognition in the field he/she/they propose the nominee for the prize and

     *A Patient Organisation

[1] (one or more jointly) alone if nomination concerns a social contribution or in collaboration with an academic department of international recognition in the field of haemoglobin disorders if nomination concerns an academic or a scientific achievement

2.Nominations should be submitted with all supporting documents (Completed Nomination Form, Nomination Letter of Support and the Nominee CV) and sent both by registered mail to the Thalassaemia International Federation, P.O. Box 28807, Nicosia 2083,, Cyprus AND electronically at [email protected] , copying[email protected].

Click here to download the Nomination form

A few words about Panos Englezos

Mr Panos Englezos is a graduate of London University in Economics and Accounting, and became a Fellow of the Institute of Company Accountants (FICA). He is, up until today, the Chairman and Chief executive of a group of companies which he established in 1961.

The birth of his son, George diagnosed with β-thalassaemia major in 1966, prompted his personal crusade and deep lifelong commitment and involvement in the development and promotion for the control of thalassaemia, starting from the Pancyprian Support group of patients and parents, in 1969.

He was elected the first President (and now Emeritus President) of the Cyprus Thalassaemia Association with numerous initiatives and activities which aimed to the establishment of support services, government recognition, and to the promotion of the importance of developing national strategies for the control of thalassaemia in Cyprus, as a priority. He held this post until 1993.

In 1986, as a natural propagation of the work of patients’ organisations experiences in a handful of countries, including the Pancyprian Anti-anaemic Society (PAS), the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) was established, with the vision and mission to strengthen the medical care and prevention programmes, worldwide. He was elected as TIF’s first Chairman and is regarded by the international thalassaemia community as the ‘Founding Father’. He has travelled extensively promoting TIF’s mission and objectives, mainly establishing Thalassaemia Associations, advocating for improvements in medical care, encouraging international research and instigating the implementation of prevention programmes.

He has received several awards for his pioneer role in the fight against thalassaemia in Cyprus and beyond, such as the ‘District Governor’s Appreciation International gold Medal’ by Lions’ International for his continuous and long-term service to patients with thalassaemia in 1982; the Greek Haematological Society and Greek Thalassaemia Associations’ Silver Medal ‘Kilikas’ in 1993; the King Abdulaziz University Award for his contribution in establishing a thalassaemia association in Saudi Arabia in 1993; the ‘Gold Medal’ of the Cyprus Thalassaemia Association in 1996, the Rotary Paul Harris Fellow for outstanding contribution to society in 1997; the award for lifelong contribution to the fight against thalassaemia by the Thessaloniki Thalassaemia Association and the Sultan Bin Khalifa International Thalassaemia Award (SITA) ‘Special Medal Award’ for his lifelong and global contribution to thalassaemia in 2015.

Panos Englezos has been a most successful business professional in Cyprus who was awarded the European Business award in 1988 and the Experts award from the Chamber of Commerce of the Cyprus Republic in 1996. In addition, he held several important public and political posts, including the Chairs of the Cyprus Telecommunications’ Authority (CYTA), the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, the Cyprus Publishers’ Association, the  Cyprus Tourism Organisation-Bureau and the Rotary Club Nicosia,  and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (C.I.N.G.) –  the most important institute in academic research in Cyprus with a worldwide recognition for its caliber and contribution to science and research – just to name but a few.

Currently, Panos Englezos is also serving as the President of the Board of the ‘Cyprus Alliance for Rare Diseases’ (C.A.R.D.).

[1] The Patient Organisation needs to be officially registered in the country it operates and an official member of TIF (General or Voting) for more than a year.