Clinical Placement Allocations Policy

The overriding aim of the Medical School is to provide our students with medical education of the highest standard.

The Medical School is based in Nicosia, Cyprus and students undertake clinical training in Nicosia and Limassol districts during all years of the course. Additionally, an integrated clinical training programme, with the opportunity to gain international experience in the last two years of the course, is delivered in the United States and Israel.

All clinical sites in Cyprus, USA and Israel provide the same level of clinical education to ensure that the learning objectives are achieved as required by the MBBS4 programme.  Each of the clinical sites has a locally appointed Academic Lead, Lead for each clinical discipline, Assessment Lead, Occupational Health Support Services, and Clinical Site Administrators.

Please note that clinical placements are subject to change over time and students may not necessarily spend the last two consecutive years at the same site. Students who are based in Cyprus for their third and fourth years are provided with the opportunity to gain international clinical experience in the United States through exchange opportunities in the USA. Clinical training in Tel Aviv is available only to Israeli citizens in line with the requirements of the Council for Higher Education in Israel.

Allocation Process for Clinical Training Years

The allocation process for P&F Years (the last two years of the course) takes account of specific student career aspirations and their place of permanent residence. Additionally, it makes provision for students to submit their preference for clinical sites. This, of course, is done according to the capacity at each site and, where possible, we try to accommodate the student’s first or second choice.

Further details will be made available to applicants by their admissions adviser.  In the event of oversubscription to clinical sites, the process is that of “random allocation”.  Every effort is made to accommodate each student’s choices; however, first preferences cannot be guaranteed.

For our Tel Aviv site, clinical allocation is guaranteed upon signing the specific agreement, during the admission process. This agreement includes a requirement to contribute to the provision of healthcare in Israel post-graduation.

Following the initial allocation, students are provided with a period to swap between themselves (ordinarily, two weeks); site restrictions based on citizenship still apply during this swapping period.  This requires students to agree the swap of clinical sites between themselves and to inform the administration of their written consent for the swap.

The allocation process ordinarily commences in the Autumn Term of T Year (the 2nd year) and the allocations are announced in the Spring Term of T Year.  This allows sufficient time for the Student Services team to work with each student and to arrange their move to the new clinical site (visas, accommodation, etc.), as well as for students to meet any additional requirements for their allocated site.  Although we provide support, please note that it is not the responsibility of the Medical School to secure visas for students, which are subject to consular decisions.

United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

The USMLE is not a requirement for the MBBS4 programme; however, it is required for anyone who wants to practise medicine in the United States. It is our recommendation to take Step 1 in T year so as to enable Steps 2 and 3 to be completed in time for US residency matching, typically at the end of F year. North American sites have differing requirements for the USMLE, so understanding these requirements are crucial for your success in our program and thereafter. Passing Step 1 by the end of P year is a requirement, in one American clinical site and students who do not pass this exam will complete their clinical training in Cyprus (F Year), as per specific site requirements.

Ordinarily, all three steps of the USMLE are completed within a seven-year period beginning when Step 1 is passed. To prepare you for taking this exam, the Medical School offers comprehensive academic support, including personal advice and full practice tests.

Best Regards,

Professor Joseph Joseph | Chair of Clinical Education (Cyprus and Israel)

Dr Edmund Neale | Chair of Clinical Education (UK & USA)