Limassol & Paphos Club

The purpose of the Club is to give students who are not at the main campus a place to meet for various medical and social activities.

The primary objectives of the organization are:
The idea of forming the Limassol and Paphos Club is to give UNIC students, who are doing their attachments in LGH/PGH a Club which can provide extracurricular activities, which would include both social and medically oriented events.

Many students fell like its harder to fit in and find friend groups when you are away from the main campus, and so the Club will be a place they can turn to if they have questions about accommodation, social, professional issues or just to hangout with like-minded people.

The aim of the Club is to have the students which are away from the main campus to have a place to connect and befriend other students through various activities.

Some activities that we could arrange would be: bowling, going to the beach, game night, guest lectures, OSCE practice and much more.

All events will be organized within the health and safety measures that apply.