Medical Technology and Entrepreneurship Club

The purpose of the Club is to expose students to advancements in medical technology and how those might be used to help underserved communities.

The primary objectives of the organization are:

  1. To educate interested students on the technological advancements made in the fields of biomedical technology (medical devices, medical imaging, etc.)

2. To provide students with skills needed to thrive in a technologically advanced medical environment (such as basic understanding of imaging technology, medical robotics and more).

3. To educate students about the medical startup path, from idea to product, including the financial knowledge, tools, and acumen a student would need to start their own company (financial information workshops etc).

4. To expose students to the technological side of medicine outside of the school through guest lectures, company visits, and visits to technologically advanced medical settings (such as the field of radiology, orthopedics, etc.).

5. To empower students to think and hopefully act, with their acquired knowledge and skills of medical advancements, about providing better medical care to underserved communities.

6. To provide students the foundations needed to one day solve problems in underserved communities.