Your graduation ceremony is the highlight of the academic year.

It is a celebration of your success through hard work and commitment, so it is important for us to make it a day for you and your family and friends to remember.

Please help us to help you by following the instructions found on this page.
The graduation ceremony will take place on Friday 05 May, 2017 at the Strovolos Municipal Theatre in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The ceremony will begin at 17:00.


If you are planning to attend the ceremony you will need to register by Tuesday 28 February, 2017  HERE.

Each graduand can request up to 10 guest tickets free of charge. Please indicate the number of tickets you will need when you register.

Guest Ticket Collection
Your guests’ tickets will be available for collection from the Student Service Centre during office hours (09:00-17:00) between 02-04 May 2017.




Graduating students are required to wear full academic dress. Eurojet is the official robe maker for the University of Nicosia Medical School and you will need to hire or buy your gown, hood and hat through the Eurojet online service in advance and no later than Friday 31 March, 2017. 

Please note that it is not possible to arrange academic dress on the day, nor will you be able to participate in the Ceremony unless academic dress is worn.

Agisilaou & Spyrou Photography (ASP) is the official photographer of the Graduation Ceremony. Please visit their website to find information on their packages and how to pre-order.

Photography will commence at 14:00 (only for those who have pre-ordered online) and will be available in the foyer of the Municipal Theatre before the Ceremony up to 16:30.

An ASP photographer will also be positioned near the stage and where possible will take a photograph of the graduands as they cross the stage.  These pictures together with general ceremony pictures will be available to those who choose one of the offered packages.

If you need further information regarding the above packages contact [email protected]


To help you and your family members enjoy graduation we have come to an agreement with Altius Boutique Hotel for special room rates.

Click on the logo (to the right) and reserve online by quoting the reference ‘UNic Medical School graduation’ when prompted.

The Strovolos Municipal Theatre will open to students and guests on the day of the Ceremony from 14:00 and you should arrive as early as possible to allow enough time for robing and photography.

Upon arrival, you must register at the main registration desk situated on the Ground Floor.  People will be there to guide you through.

Students or guests arriving late will not be allowed into the Ceremony.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have allowed plenty of time to arrive at the Municipal Theatre.

Timing of the day

Time Description
Rehearsal (approximately one hour)MOVED TO THURSDAY 4 MAY @ 11:00
Robing and photography begins. Photography will close at 16:30.
All graduands and guests are requested to be seated in the theatre.
Ceremony begins. Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter.
Ceremony ends. Reception begins.
Hired robes to be returned


Robing will take place on the ground floor from 14:00.  All hired items (gowns, hoods, hats) must be returned to the Eurojet kiosk by 20:00 at the latest.

Photography on the day

Photography will commence at 14:00 in the foyer (only for those who have pre-ordered and paid).  Photography will be available before the Ceremony until 16:30.

Guests are permitted to take photographs and use their own video cameras during the Ceremony, but are politely asked to avoid disturbing other guests when using this equipment. The use of tripods in the theatre is strictly prohibited.


The ceremony will be recorded and will be made available to all graduands attending free of charge.

In the Hall

The Hall will be open from 16:00.  Graduands MUST sit in the seat allocated to them. You cannot choose where you sit, nor request to be seated next to friends. All allocations have been made in alphabetical order, according to award and this is the order in which you will be going onto the stage. Medical School staff will check that graduands are properly seated.

Graduation Rehearsal  

The School will run a graduation rehearsal on the morning of the graduation at 10:00 which you are required to attend. The rehearsal will take place at the Municipal Theatre, and free transportation will be available at exactly 09:40 at the entrance of the Medical School.  Otherwise students are expected to arrive at the Theatre by 09:50 and report at the reception desk.

The Ceremony

National State Theatre, Nicosia

Graduation Ceremony 2015

At the opening of the Ceremony, please rise and remain standing by your seat until the Academic Procession has entered the Hall and taken their seats on stage.

At the point in the ceremony when you are next on stage, a member of staff will ask you to leave your seat and proceed to the foot of the steps leading to the stage from the right (as you face the stage).

After your name is announced, you will walk to the centre of the stage and shake hands with the Medical School Executive Dean and the SGUL Principal. You will continue across the stage and down the steps on the other side. You will then be directed back to your seat.

Further instructions will be given during the rehearsal.

At the appropriate point in the Ceremony, graduands will be requested to stand and read the Pledge under the direction of the Principal. Members of the audience are requested to remain seated.

At the close of the Ceremony, please rise and remain standing by your seat until the Academic Procession has left the auditorium. Graduates can then leave the Hall.


To share the celebration with your family, friends, staff and fellow students you are invited to a reception in the gardens of the municipal building following the Ceremony.


Graduands and staff are asked to dress smartly. Academic hoods are normally attached either under a tie or to a central blouse/dress button. Women might like to bear this in mind when deciding on appropriate dress for the occasion. You might also want to bring safety pins, which can be useful in keeping your hood in place. Hairgrips are also handy for keeping your hat securely in position!

Disabled Visitors

If you, or any of your guests, require any special arrangements for the Graduation Ceremony please notify us when you reserve your guest tickets. This is to ensure appropriate seating is allocated for you and/or your guest(s).

  1. Will I receive my certificate at the Graduation Ceremony?

No.  The actual certificate is mailed directly from St George’s to your reported permanent address.

  1. What happens if I have outstanding tuition fees?

You will not be able to join the graduation ceremony or graduate unless your account balance is clear. 

  1. My family will need visas to attend. Can you help with this?

Yes.  Please contact Mr Andreas Demetroudiou, Student Affairs Manager at [email protected] 

  1. Are children allowed as guests to the ceremony?

Yes.  A special section is reserved at the back of the theatre for families with small children.   In case children become restless a family member can easily escort them outside the hall.

  1. Can I buy extra guest tickets?

No. Each graduand can request a maximum of 10 guest tickets free of charge. 

6. Can I attend the graduation ceremony in London in case I cannot join the one in Nicosia?

No.  There is no provision in the institutional agreement for students to attend the ceremony in London.

7.  Who should I contact for further questions?

The Graduation Ceremony Manager, Mr George Sycallides at [email protected]  


Free parking space is available next to the Municipal Theatre.

Access for people with wheelchairs:
There is a ramp at the main entrance to access the building. A special seating area for wheelchairs is available in the auditorium, and appropriately equipped toilets are available in the theatre.