Introduction to Programme

All of us who work hard to deliver the medical programme were very proud indeed to witness the first graduation of our medical students in May 2015.

The University of Nicosia had laid the foundations for a medical school by developing an array of health and life science programmes and in doing so created a strong academic infrastructure including development of faculty,  research and facilities to support this prospect. The partnership with St George’s, University of London made it possible to bring to Cyprus the prestigious and innovative MBBS graduate entry programme which enjoys international academic and professional recognition and an outstanding international reputation. This made the programme accessible to aspiring doctors from around the world promoting global perspective of modern medical education.

Our system based core curriculum, which integrates scientific and clinical aspects from the outset, enhances the students’ learning experience and equips them for a lifetime of good medical practice. Our students have benefited from state of the art facilities, such as Anatomy and Clinical Skills laboratories, and the commitment and dedication of faculty and staff. Moreover, the excellent collaborative working relationships with our London-based colleagues and compelling team work approach ensure optimal management of the shared curriculum.

I look forward to welcoming you to Nicosia and to the programme.

Adonis Ioannides

MBBS Programme Director
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Nicosia Medical School