Aim of the Curriculum

The aim of the MBBS course is to produce graduates with the essential knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes required to practise medicine competently and professionally in a patient-centred, multi-professional environment and to equip them for a career of life-long learning and professional development.

Overview of the Curriculum

The MBBS curriculum is organised as follows:

Clinical Science
Core Curriculum Clinical Sciences Year 1
Clinical Practice
Transitional Year Year 2
Penultimate Year Year 3
Final Year Year 4
Student Selected Components Years 1, 2 and 4

Structure of the Academic Year

The curriculum is taught within a traditional academic year structure, starting in September. Years 2 and 3 are organised around the 6 week blocks that make up those years. Year 4, for reasons concerned with the required overall length of the course and its nature as a period of intensive clinical experience, is a continuous period of 45 weeks.

Credit Structure of the MBBS Curriculum

The MBBS course is based upon the accumulation of credit in each year of the programme, using the standard undergraduate UK framework and the European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS), as follows:

Year Credit Level UK credits ECTS credits
Year 1 Level 2 120 60
Year 2 Level 3 180 90
Year 3 Level 3 180 90
Year 4 Level 3 180 90
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