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Curriculum Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course students will:

  • Have a knowledge and understanding of the sciences underlying medical practice, of health and its promotion, and of disease, trauma and disability and their prevention, diagnosis and management. This is in the context of the individual and their place in the family and society and of the population as a whole
  • Have demonstrated proficiency in basic clinical skills, including gathering information systematically, sensitively and effectively from patients; undertaking comprehensive physical examination of patients; choosing appropriate diagnostic procedures to be carried out on patients, rationalising that choice and interpreting the results of such investigations; selecting appropriate treatment options for patients with specific conditions; recognising and managing life-threatening conditions
  • Have acquired and demonstrated attitudes necessary for the achievement of high standards of medical practice and patient care, including adherence to ethical and legal principles, application of an evidence based approach to patient care, responsiveness to the needs and concerns of patients, understanding of the contribution of genetic, historical, social, environmental, political, occupational and behavioural factors on health, disease and illness
  • Have demonstrated intellectual curiosity and a capacity for critical understanding
  • Have developed an understanding of the work of other health care professionals partly through a co-operative approach to patient care on a training ward
  • Be able to register provisionally for medical practice in Cyprus and / or your country of origin or choice and be able to perform pre-registration house officer jobs competently
  • Have the potential to undertake further training in any branch of medicine or medical science
  • Value the need for life-long learning, enquiry and research
  • Have acquired the following additional skills and experience:
  • Teaching skills including presentation/mentoring skills
    • Personal/time/resource management skills
    • It literacy
    • Ability to working within a team
    • Good record keeping skills
    • Understanding of the principles of audit
    • Information literacy
  • Possess the following additional qualities:
    • Psychological robustness with ability for self-care
    • Thoroughness
    • A realistic grasp of their own limitations
    • Adaptability and ability to cope with change and uncertainty
    • Open-mindedness
    • Motivation for learning
    • Reflectiveness
    • Sensitivity to cultural issues