Mobile Clinic Club by Jaskiran Dulai, Class of 2017

The Mobile Clinic Club was established in Fall 2014. Students belonging to the club assist with the planning and execution of the expeditions. The club is working on a stress reliever event for the medical school, before examinations begin in full swing for the end of the school year!

The Mobile Clinic has been very active for the first half of the 2014-2015 academic year! From community expeditions, to the formation for the Mobile Clinic Club, the beginning of the year has been very promising.

On 6 December, the Mobile Clinic staffed a booth at the annual Christmas Fiesta, an event held by the Anti-Cancer Society at the Cyprus Electricity Authority. Students from the St. George’s, MBBS programme together with students from the  UNIC MD6 programme participated in taking blood pressure readings of attendees of the event. The students and staff volunteers collected donations for the Anti-Cancer society, and all enjoyed participating in blood pressure screening and the Fiesta itself.




The Mobile Clinic visited the village of Laneia, near Mount Troodos, on January 17, 2015. The expedition was done in collaboration with Doctor Volunteers, Cyprus. The student volunteers performed glucose and spirometry tests, and measured BMI for people in the village. A total of about 40 patients attended, and were reviewed by doctors, who evaluated their results. After the event, the student volunteers were taken on a tour of the village and shown the ancient wine and olive oil making facilities of Laneia.



On February 7th, 2015 the Mobile Clinic worked with the Pantheo Eye Center to visit Omodos village. Second year medical students observed and assisted in ophthalmic screening. More than 40 residents received eye examinations from the students and doctors. After the event, students were able to have a tour of the village and see all Omodos had to offer.




One of the most recent expedition was an anti-smoking expedition to The English School, a private high school in Nicosia, on 22 April.  A short presentation was given to the school’s students on the dangers and risks of smoking, encouraging them to quit or deterring them from starting.   After the presentation, Spirometry tests were administered by the mobile clinic club members  to assess the high school students’ lung function.   It was an informative and enjoyable event for both the medical and The English School students. We hope to continue these expeditions to other High Schools later this year.



Finally, the Mobile Clinic joined the Spring Fair on May 26 organised by the Anticancer Society at the Road Safety Park in Nicosia.  The event was part of the annual fund raising activity ‘Christodoula’s march’ in aid of cancer patients.   Visitors at the fair had the chance to stop by the School’s Mobile Clinic station and get their BP checked.



The Mobile Clinic has had a very exciting year; we all look forward to seeing what’s next for the clinic!


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