Dimitrios Linos, Professor of Surgery at the Medical School is the co-editor of the new book titled ‘Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy’.

Published in May 2012, the book describes in detail the various techniques of minimally invasive thyroidectomy that have emerged in recent years and presents the new supportive equipment, including intraoperative monitoring and energy devices.

In addition, the basic preoperative techniques that are a prerequisite to successful thyroidectomy are covered, and individual chapters are devoted to complications, outcomes, and post-thyroidectomy quality of life. Important related topics are also discussed, including guidelines for managing papillary and medullary thyroid cancer and the surgical management of metastatic lymph nodes.

Dimitrios Linos and his co-editor Woong Youn Chung are internationally renowned experts, and they include the founders of several of the techniques described. The up-to-date text is supplemented by many color pictures and medical illustrations, making the book very user-friendly and ideal for the busy surgeon or endocrinologist who is interested in the management of thyroid diseases.

More at http://www.springer.com/medicine/surgery/book/978-3-642-23695-2