St George’s, University of London, is ranked best in the world when measured for the quality of citations or research influence in the Times Higher World University Rankings 2015-16 which looks at universities’ role in spreading new knowledge and ideas.

The Times Higher examined research influence by capturing the number of times a university’s published work is cited by scholars globally, compared with the number of citations a publication of similar type and subject is expected to have.

This involved examining 51 million citations in 11.3 million journal articles published over five years, with the data drawn from 23,000 academic journals. Three types of publications were analysed – journal articles, conference proceedings and reviews. Citations to these papers made in the six years from 2010 to 2015 were also collected.

The citations help the Times Higher to show how much each university is contributing to the sum of human knowledge, including whose research has stood out, has been picked up and built on by other scholars.

Importantly, it showed St George’s research has been shared around the global scholarly community to expand the boundaries of our understanding, irrespective of discipline.


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