The first four student clubs have been formed: the Mobile Clinic Club, the Medicine & Art Club, the Scalpels Basketball Club and the Wellness Club.  Congratulations to all of those students who, despite their busy schedules, have taken the initiative to pursue their hobbies and interests through the formation of clubs.


Thanksgiving dinner

A Thanksgiving Dinner was organised on November 27. Students and staff had the chance to socialise over a 3-course meal at Brickyard Bar & Grill. It was a warm, lovely gathering that helped some students overcome nostalgia!



Bake Sales

Two charity bake sales were held last semester, one for Movember and one for Christmas. Talented students and staff members contributed by baking cookies, cakes, waffles and many more delicious treats. We raised a total of 260 Euros and collected lots of dry food to help families in need. We would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who donated, baked, helped to sell or bought confectioneries for this significant cause!




Students and staff members attended a free yoga class on January 21 at the UNic dance studio. It was a nice chance for everyone to unwind, relax and tone up! We would like to thank everyone who attended the class as well as our instructor, Cynthia Efremoglou.


Cyprus night at Ayia Anna Tavern

To give our students a taste of the Cypriot culture, music and dining we organised on February 6 a trip to the picturesque Ayia Anna Tavern located between Nicosia and Larnaca. The food included 30 different Cypriot meze dishes.  Live music played in the background as we all dined in the traditional setting.  Some students even learned how to make their own Cypriot coffee on hot sand. A special thanks to the staff members and students who attended.



Blood Donation

Another successful blood donation was organized at the Medical School by the MSS and Student Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.
We would like to wholeheartedly thank all students and staff who volunteered!




Many thanks also go to those of you who contributed to the Charity Bake Sale. A total of 163 Euros were raised and together with the amount raised from the previous Bake Sale, the Medical School will be donating a total of 363 Euros to the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre.

We welcome your thoughts, ideas and feedback on events and any other matters! Any suggestions or comments can be made anonymously and put in the suggestion box located outside the Student Affairs office.

Best wishes for new and enlightening experiences!