Bullying and Harassment

SGUL is committed to creating a positive working and learning environment free of harassment and bullying.  We are committed to enabling students to fulfil their personal potential. SGUL will not tolerate bullying and harassment of any kind. All allegations of bullying or harassment will be promptly and thoroughly investigated and, if appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken. Staff and students should be aware that if they harass someone, they may be personally liable, as well as the institution.

A definition of the term ‘bullying’

Bullying is offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, or misuse of power which is meant to undermine, humiliate or injure the other party. It may be an abuse of power, position or knowledge. Unlike harassment it is not based on membership of any legally protected minority group.

A definition of ‘harassment’

Harassment is based on membership of any legally protected group. Harassment is unwanted and unwelcomed conduct which has the purpose or effect of:

  • violating the dignity of a person or group ; or
  • creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, or offensive environment.

A single act can constitute harassment.


The UNic Counselling Service at KESY is free and available to all students at the Medical School whether they feel they are being bullied, or have been accused of bullying. This service is completely confidential.

Dignity Advisers Scheme

Dignity Advisers offer impartial advice and support to any member of staff or student concerned about bullying or harassment.  You can contact the Dignity Adviser directly by emailing: [email protected] . This advice is unrelated to their usual role within the organisation. The  Dignity Advisers  have been fully trained to the same standard and can offer support and advice on student issues.

This advice is offered in confidence. Usually the Dignity Advisors  will not take action following an informal approach concerning bullying or harassment without the express permission of the individual concerned – unless the allegations are very serious.

It is important to recognise that the Dignity Advisers are not involved in any decision making concerning the individual’s situation. Neither do they represent individuals. Instead they are available to discuss the situation facing a member of staff or a student and can talk through the options available.

We will respond promptly to any individual who asks for help. Dignity Advisers will respond to any individual who makes contact, within 24 hours of the request to set up the first appointment. The individual will then be seen by the DA within 5 working days.

Work is in progress with the new dignity advisor to develop a link with the local   LGBT network group to  provide an extra support group for students who wish to use this network.

The local organisation (NGO) is Accept – LGBT Cyprus.

Please contact our Equality & Diversity lead for more information about Dignity Advisors at SGUL/UNic Medical School.

Email: [email protected]