Pregnancy and Maternity

Women (including students) are protected against discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy and maternity. This is during the period of pregnancy and during any statutory maternity leave to which she is entitled.

Education providers are unable to refuse an applicant entry to a course because they are pregnant, or ask that they leave a course because they become pregnant. Absence related to pregnancy and maternity must be taken into account and higher education institutions should not penalise students who miss examinations or course work deadlines because of pregnancy.

When pregnant or on maternity leave, women have rights to:

  • appropriate time off for antenatal care,
  • return to study on no less favourable terms.  Student will be subject to reasonable adjustments agreed prior to leaving study,
  • not be treated less favourably because of pregnancy or having recently given birth,
  • request reasonable adjustments for students who need to make up lost time.


Breastfeeding mothers are also protected by the Equality Act 2010. An example of this protection is that it would be discriminatory to ask a woman to leave a University restaurant because she is breastfeeding her baby.
Student parents support

SGUL provides reasonable adjustments to accommodate student parents.