Sexual Orientation

SGUL values diversity and is committed to creating a positive working and learning environment where all people are treated with dignity and respect. The institution wants to enable students to fulfil their personal potential. Therefore we aim  to provide fair treatment in study, recreation and leisure for our students. No student will be treated less favourably on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Unlawful sexual orientation discrimination happens when someone is treated unfairly because of their sexual orientation. Bisexual men and women, heterosexual men and women, lesbians and gay men can all experience sexual orientation discrimination. A higher education institution should not discriminate against a student at their institution in the provision of education, or access to any benefit, facility or service, by excluding them or by subjecting them to any other detriment because of their sexual orientation.

A definition of the term sexual orientation

This is used to describe a combination of emotional, romantic, sexual or affectionate attraction towards another person.

  • Bisexual people: men or women attracted to both sexes.
  • Gay men: men attracted to men.
  • Heterosexual people: men or women attracted to the opposite sexes.
  • Lesbian women: women attracted to women.

Gay by Degree – support of LGBT students

The Stonewall University Guide rates universities according to their support for LGBT students. For 2013, SGUL has been rated highly. The university meets nine out of ten of Stonewall’s Gay by Degree criteria. SGUL:

  • has a policy that protects LGBT students from bullying, provides compulsory staff training on LGBT issues,
  • offers information, supports events and provides welfare support when requested by  LGBT students,
  • engages in consultation with LGBT students and
  • has a LGBT staff network and is a Stonewall Diversity Champion in the UK.
  • SGUL monitors student’s sexual orientation (as declared on enrollment forms) to help ensure we tailor all our services appropriately to LGBT people and can monitor satisfaction levels.

Sexual Orientation Policy (PDF)