Student volunteers visited the Engomi Elderly Centre on October 24 and performed to 80+ senior citizens BP, glucose, and spirometry tests.

Assistant Professor Kyriacos Adamou, who supervised the volunteers, gave a short presentation on Polypharmacy.

The expedition was organised in collaboration with the Nicosia Volunteer Centre.

Congratulations to student volunteers Faiza Shafaqat, Furhana Hussein, Michael Lutwak, Rebecca Szewai Kwong, Sharif Jeries Faiq Abu Ghazaleh, Zara Abigail Powell, Ahmed Abbas Ashary, Kim Luth Near, Liora Bernardis, Nashrur Rahim Mohd Nasser, Tamara Aboul Hossn, Athena Michaelidou, Charalambos Kakouri, Alexandra Christina Popa