Tuition and Fees

Annual tuition at the St George’s programme in Nicosia is €30,000 for all students, whether local, EU, or international (non-EU). Your annual tuition includes registration, tuition, examination and graduation charges and is payable in respect of each year of your degree programme.

In addition to tuition, the following fees also apply:

Application fee (one-off/non refundable payment) 60 60
Entry visa fee (one-off/non refundable payment) 90
Annual health insurance fee 180
Annual malpractice insurance fee (T Year) 300 300
Annual malpractice insurance fee (from Years P-F, pending clinical site) 500-1250 500-1250
Annual personal accident insurance fee 50 50
International student guarantee (one-off/refundable payment) 400
Annual learning resources fee 100 100
Annual USMLE resources fee (Years 1-2) – Optional 285 285

*Please note that the above fees may be subject to change.

Living Costs

These will, of course, depend on your lifestyle. But on average, staying in Nicosia for the whole year will cost a minimum of €10,000.