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Virtual Open Days at the Medical School

Learn more about the 4-year St George’s, University of London MBBS programme delivered in partnership with UNIC Medical School and the exciting career opportunities that it offers. Discuss questions with Course Directors, current students and our Admissions team live and take a virtual tour of our campus.


Find Out What Makes Our Programme Stand Out

The St George’s, University of London MBBS4 at the University of Nicosia Medical School provides a firm foundation on which to build a career in the global healthcare sector.

The MBBS programme is offered under the degree-awarding powers of St George’s, University of London, and shares the same recognition in the United Kingdom and almost all of the rest of the world.

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What Our Students Say

Living in Cyprus and adapting to the lifestyle was easy because everyone is extremely friendly and goes the extra mile to ensure that all things are taken care of. The island is very scenic with palm trees, great beaches, lot of sunshine and excellent mountain ranges. There is nothing but good things to say about Cyprus and this has confirmed that my decision to study medicine here was a great one!
Hugh Elliott, Canada
I have already learned so much, both in terms of clinical science and skills but also in the social side of medicine from both lessons and the diverse cohort that I am in. The core learning process of PBL is incredibly conducive to success and the emphasis on self-directed learning introduces accountability to us early on.
Natasha Grace, UK
I came to the St George’s programme in Cyprus because I heard that it offers many opportunities to get clinical practice early during the degree.
William Verbist, Belgium
It all starts with a great team at the Medical School that will do their best to make your relocation easy and fast. It goes on with an amazing programme – offering you skills and facilities that will help you achieve self-confidence before meeting with real patients.
Limor Marko, Israel
The Problem-Based Learning environment allows students to have an open discussion about the week’s case. This gives us the opportunity to apply our knowledge directly to a hypothetical clinical scenario.
Violeta Yammine, Lebanon
After our first two years we are able to decide if we want to do our last two in Chicago, Tel Aviv, Puerto Rico, or to stay in Cyprus. For me knowing I can go back and get clinical experience in the States was a very appealing offer, especially when it came to matching for a residency.
Karine De Souza , USA
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Global Recognition

  • UK medical degree allowing medical practice pathways worldwide with USMLE preparation and other national licensing exams. Our graduates have been offered positions at over 200 medical centres around the world for residency training, fellowships, internships, and research.

  • Student Success Team ensures that you achieve your goals. Students are matched with a personal tutor from day one and have regular one-on-one meetings with our career advisers to track their studies, steps to practise in the country they wish to work.

  • Global perspective in medicine, with more than 60 nationalities of students, you will study and practise with colleagues and faculty from around the world that provide a competitive advantage in the global health market.

  • Small classrooms and early clinical exposure in your first year.  Students attend problem-based learning classes in small groups; some of our classes are up to six students.

Cyprus at a Glance

Cyprus is #21 on the list of 52 Places to Go in 2017, released annually by the New York Times, which highlights “a cultural and culinary renewal on a Mediterranean island”, while the Financial Times ranked Nicosia as the #1 city under 500,000 in Europe for lifestyle/education.

This video by the Cyprus Press & Information Office shows how the combination of a multicultural population, modern infrastructure, low cost of living, rich history and a beautiful natural environment make Cyprus an ideal place to study medicine.