The annual ‘Pantheo Lecture in Ophthalmology’ took place on June 6.  Dr Theodoros Potamitis, Consultant Vitreo-retinal specialist and Associate Professor in Ophthalmology presented  ‘Recent Advances in Ophthalmology.’  ”The prospect of blindness is something that puts the fear of God in all of us.  It has devastating consequences on the quality of life for both old and young and thus the fight to prevent it has been at the forefront of medical research and development throughout the history of medicine.  In recent years we have witnessed a profound change in the way many common ophthalmic disorders are managed and novel treatments are now both preventing and treating previously unstoppable causes of blinding disorders.  This has come about through the marriage of computer technology and pharmacological innovation.  The better understanding of the genetic basis of many of these disorders and the ability to easily access the affected organ has made it possible to intervene at the molecular level of the disease process and thus provide treatments that were once considered impossible.  These developments are interesting to both ophthalmic and non ophthalmic specialists and are a testament to the fruitfulness of medical research and innovation.  They pave the way to the future of the practice of medicine as a whole.”