surgical-skills-course-kicks-offThe Department of Surgery organised the first surgical skills course on 14 April with much success. 

The purpose of the course was to further the development of our medical students as they acquire and apply new surgical skills in preparation for their future practice.  The course lead, Dr Panos Economou, worked closely with Maria Filippova and Chad Schou in the development and implementation of the course, which was designed in a structured way that allowed the students to apply advanced techniques to basic surgical knowledge as they progressed through the course.  Some of the advanced topics that were taught included various knotting and suturing techniques and the removal of a stimulated sebaceous cyst and skin lesion from skin.  A great advantage of the course was the small tutor-to-student ratio.  Students worked in small groups of four students and one tutor in order to maintain a high quality of teaching and learning.  This course would not be possible without the generous support of the University of Nicosia Medical School and its surgical tutors.

This course will be offered to small groups of 20 students at various times throughout the school year.  It is offered for free and is available to second year students and above. Eligible students will be notified when to register a few weeks prior to upcoming courses.  Students who complete the course will also receive a certificate from the University of Nicosia Medical School.  Contact Maria Filippova ([email protected]) for more details.